Mill De Hoop (The Hope)

Prominent landmark for Sint Laurens and surrounding area!
Historic spot
You are now standing on a historically important spot: As early as 1426 there is evidence of a “Mill yard on the outskirts of Sint Laurens”.
This yard housed a post mill at that time.
Brick-built flourmill
In 1721 this brick-built flourmill, was put into use.
Farmers in the immediate vicinity entrust it with their corn.
Mill De Hoop is famed for the good quality flour it is able to provide.
After the corn has been ground, the flour is returned to the same farmers, who use it to bake their daily bread.
Milling without wind
In the twenties of the previous century, a lean-gas engine is installed, to be succeeded by a diesel engine in the thirties. This is a significant innovation: flour milling is now possible independent of wind power.
On 30th December 1943 the mill is partly burnt down, probably as a result of an overheating brake.
Mill cap and sail arms are, regrettably, lost.
The mill is provisionally made water and wind tight with very limited means: this is due to the still ongoing war. With various types of material the interior is put into running order again. By having an electric motor installed, the mill can continue to operate as a milling house.
This milling house continues to operate for many years, up to the last miller’s retirement.
By the end of the eighties the Municipality of Middelburg becomes the owner of the mill. After this, the mill itself remains unused.
Listed Building
As a result of its unique properties, Mill “The Hope” acquires official recognition as a Listed Building in 2002.
This information is offered to you by the Municipality of Middelburg and by the Committee for the Restore and Conservation of the Mill De Hoop.